Why Legacy Modernization

Everything about mainframes is expensive – proprietary hardware, software, licenses and services/operations. Modernizing legacy systems to an open source big data platform can be an attractive option for organizations that require more agility and scalability without the price tag of proprietary systems.

When Migration is the Answer

  • When your organization is facing tight IT budgets and you are looking for low-cost options.
  • When your costs of data processing have skyrocketed and yet you are unable to add large volumes of raw data in the same cost.
  • When mainframe jobs are taking too long to process and your IT responsiveness is constrained.
  • When you have reached ceilings of scalability amidst growing data volumes and business needs.
  • When your business wants to stay competitive and more agile to changing market needs and expects quicker turnaround time.
  • When you are looking for business insights, value-adds and Advanced Analytics on your large volume of enterprise data at pace and in budget.

Mainframe to Hadoop Big Data Platform

Accelerate Your Legacy Modernization Initiative with MetaScale

  • Legacy data conversion tools (EBCDIC-ASCII) that achieve results 50-75% faster than proprietary solutions with the ability to process fix length and variable length files
  • Automated Legacy Assessment suite of tools that save more than 60% of the manual effort
  • Accelerated PIG Engineering automates Pig – schema creation, integration
  • Semi-automated legacy vs. open source testing tools to drastically reduce production parallel and integration testing
  • Well defined Migration as a Service (MaaS) methodologies
  • Defined Work Breakdown Structure and Migration Requirement Document
  • Metrics on RACI and Migration Estimation

Accelerate your legacy modernization efforts – leverage our patent pending suite of tools, cutting-edge technologies, open architectures and experience of eliminating a 900 MIPS mainframe.

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