Industry Use Cases

Many organizations are aware of the benefits of big data technologies, but they struggle to identify a relevant and impactful use case. MetaScale recommends that organizations start by identifying the problems they are attempting to solve with new technologies. For an initial Hadoop implementation, pick something small and achievable – do not attempt to "boil the ocean." To help you identify your use case, we offer these enterprise big data solutions developed by our experienced team for a variety of industries..


MetaScale ecommerce use case

Use Case: Real-Time Pricing Analytics

MetaScale helped a client reduce price elasticity calculation SLAs from quarterly to weekly on a data set of 8 billion rows with over 14 billion SKUs.


MetaScale retail use case

Use Case: Pricing Optimization

MetaScale helped a client centralize all retail inventory, pricing and POS data and reduce processing times up to 100% for faster time to insight.


MetaScale finance use case

Use Case: Faster Tax Reporting System

MetaScale helped a client overcome scalability issues of its existing RDBMS infrastructure to run faster reports on 1.5 TBs of 20 years of archived historical tax data.


MetaScale healthcare use case

Use Case: Faster Claims Processing

MetaScale helped a client modernize its legacy payment policy system and logic for analyzing medical billing scenarios to enable faster claims processing.


MetaScale manufacturing use case

Use Case: Network Utilization and Analysis

MetaScale helped a client better predict network failures by making it possible to process over 10 billion records a week with varying data structures and schemas.


MetaScale gaming use case

Use Case: Fraud Detection

MetaScale helped a client improve fraud detection on loyalty rewards redemption by reducing alerting times from next-day to near real-time.


MetaScale transportation use case

Use Case: Prediction Modeling for Inventory Logistics

MetaScale helped a client optimize inventory logistics by ingesting all of its inventory data into HDFS to enable dynamically refreshed predictive models.


MetaScale mining use case

Use Case: Real-Time Remote Health Monitoring with Spark

MetaScale used Spark for real-time remote health monitoring of sensor data to optimize mining operations by improving performance and availability.

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