Many IT and business professionals are starting to realize that Hadoop is ready for the enterprise. This is where MetaScale delivers value to organizations like yours. We offer a “vendor neutral” and “vertical agnostic” view of the big data landscape, bringing 4 years’ experience in implementing Hadoop technology in a traditional enterprise. We offer these resources to help you understand the practical uses of Hadoop for solving traditional enterprise problems.


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MetaScale brings four years of experience implementing Hadoop within traditional enterprise environments. Download our whitepapers to gain an understanding of practical uses of Hadoop for solving traditional IT and business problems.


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Whether you are exploring options to kick-start your big data journey or you are an advanced Hadoop shop looking to effectively utilize your Hadoop implementation, MetaScale is your best strategic partner. Our webinars are designed to provide tools for navigating the complexities of the Hadoop ecosystem and accelerate the value in your data.


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MetaScale Video:

Implementing Hadoop into your traditional enterprise environment in a way that enables business results can be complicated. Watch our videos for insights into overcoming the challenges of implementing Hadoop and NoSQL for big data analytics.


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Like you, we come from a large enterprise so we understand your challenges. Follow our blog posts for tips, tricks and insights into the Hadoop ecosystem to develop an effective big data strategy.

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