Big Data Solutions for Legacy Modernization

Using Open Source Hadoop Platform to Modernize Legacy Systems

MetaScale provides big data solutions for legacy modernization such as offloading mainframe batch processing to an open source Hadoop platform. This methodology enables organizations to realize significant cost savings, improve business agility and leverage big data analytics. Our patent-pending capability of offloading mainframe batch processing to Apache Hadoop, tightly integrated with other migration techniques, can reduce the total cost of ownership up to 80% for organizations operating on mainframes.


Challenges of Obsolete Technology Platforms

Mainframe environments can restrict IT and business performance. The challenges of running application workloads on mainframes include limited cost effectiveness, scalability, maintainability, agility and accessibility.

  • Mainframe software licensing fees, as well as maintenance and support costs, can be minimized by modernization to an open source Hadoop solution.
  • Organizations operating on mainframes must purchase more mainframes in order to scale up to meet processing demands. Organic growth for mainframes is estimated at 6% - 10% per year – recurring costs that can be minimized by modernization to a Hadoop platform.
  • Coding for mainframes is inefficient. Modernization to the Hadoop ecosystem of big data tools allows for simple and easily maintainable code (7000 lines of COBOL can be converted to 50 lines of PIG).
  • Batch window limits on legacy systems create bottlenecks for business. Modernization to a Hadoop platform improves accessibility for faster time to market.

Benefits of Open Source Hadoop Big Data Platform

If you are considering migrating application workloads off mainframe environments in favor of open system solutions, MetaScale can help you:

  • transition to a big data environment for enhanced competitive advantage and business agility
  • transform IT through reduced processing times
  • create significant savings through reduced MIPS
  • reduce licensing, maintenance and support costs
  • reduce Batch Cycle window
  • develop a “no vendor lock-in” framework
  • reduce the risks of unforeseen and costly hurdles
  • build skills and resources within your organization

MetaScale specializes in migrating batch jobs from mainframe systems to an open source Hadoop platform using a structured, nimble approach. To reduce MIPS on mainframe applications, we revisit applications and conduct due diligence to prioritize high MIPS consuming worthy applications which need to be migrated quickly.

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