Legacy Data Modernization

Offload Data

MetaScale helps organizations offload data from mainframe to an open source big data platform in order to reduce ETL complexity, integrate multiple data sources and minimize latency in data processing.

Our Legacy Data Modernization services can help organizations become more agile in processing large volumes of data and running Advanced Analytics on historical data. For example, we helped one customer migrate Space Planning and Pricing applications to Hadoop with 250GB data sourced daily and 2TB data processed daily.

ETL Modernization

MetaScale’s ETL Modernization services help organizations reduce data processing costs, speed up complex, time consuming queries and develop a capability to integrate semi-structured and unstructured data.

  • Cost savings on high performance ETL
  • Ability to perform Advanced Analytics
  • Integrate and process large volumes of data

Data Offload and Active Archival

MetaScale’s Data Offload and Active Archival services help organizations cost effectively scale storage for data volumes that exceed the capacity of DB2 and minimize the cost of analyzing historical data stored on tape.

  • Data no longer dies in archival – instead brings value
  • Query on historical data at granular level

Modernize Proprietary Systems and Databases

MetaScale’s services for Modernizing Proprietary Systems and Databases helps organizations optimize their utilization of proprietary systems and eliminate IMS.

  • Custom solution to remove proprietary databases
  • IMS to open source big data platform migration

Accelerate your legacy modernization efforts – leverage our patent pending suite of tools, cutting-edge technologies, open architectures and experience of eliminating a 900 MIPS mainframe.

Contact MetaScale to discuss your legacy modernization requirements.

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