Legacy Application Modernization

Reduce Your Legacy Footprint

MetaScale helps organizations reduce legacy footprints in order to cost effectively scale to meet demanding business needs and budgetary constraints.

Our Legacy Application Modernization services can help organizations identify ideal migration candidates such as reports and other high MIPS consuming components and plan for migration of complex applications like Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications. For example, we helped one retail customer achieve significant cost savings by eliminating 1500 MIPS and decommissioning a mainframe.

Use Case: Mainframe MIPS Reduction

Customer’s mainframe batch business process would not scale. The business needed to process 100 times more detail to handle rollout of high value business critical functionality. MetaScale migrated sections of the batch process from mainframe to the Hadoop Enterprise Data Hub and back, eliminating MIPS and improving overall cycle time without disruption to business users.

Legacy Application Modernization Services

MIPS Reduction

MetaScale’s MIPS Reduction services help organizations stay agile and competitive, achieve quick cost benefits and meet scalability requirements.

  • Top 10/20/50/100 MIPS consuming jobs
  • Reduce batch execution windows
  • Move reporting jobs (Unload / Generate)

Application Migration

MetaScale’s Application Migration services help organizations meet changing business needs and remove performance bottlenecks.

  • Migrate application to open source big data platform
  • Leverage growing Hadoop ecosystem
  • Perform Advanced Analytics and BI

Modernize Proprietary Systems and Databases

MetaScale’s services for Modernizing Proprietary Systems and Databases helps organizations optimize their utilization of proprietary systems and eliminate IMS.

  • Custom solution to remove proprietary databases
  • IMS to open source big data platform migration

Accelerate your legacy modernization efforts – leverage our patent pending suite of tools, cutting-edge technologies, open architectures and experience of eliminating a 900 MIPS mainframe.

Contact MetaScale to discuss your legacy modernization requirements.

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