Big Data Solutions

Scalable Big Data Solutions & Strategies

MetaScale provides a complete end-to-end framework of Big Data solutions for the Hadoop platform. We provide comprehensive Big Data services, training and ongoing support across multiple domains, platforms and devices, utilizing MPP and NoSQL.

Our proven big data methodologies include legacy modernization, monitoring and metrics for multiple data streams. Big data technologies can take the almost overwhelming flow of data and make it far more accessible through enabling streamlined reporting to suit your company’s needs.

Our approach to data governance strategies for big data implementations with Hadoop and NoSQL fosters effective organizational structures. We provide organizational frameworks and practices that empower IT and Business stakeholders, including architecture, network, BI and analyst teams, to establish enterprise data policies and enforce necessary compliance for naming protocols, metadata standards, data quality and data security as part of the professional big data services that MetaScale offers.

By leveraging open source, Big Data software and Hadoop ecosystem tools, our custom big data solutions can expose well defined marketing trends but perhaps even more significantly allow you to make highly qualified marketing decisions based on actual facts.

We provide Big Data tools, tutorials, videos and training for your company’s needs. This includes infrastructure consulting services to install and configure open source software components tailored to meet your big data deployments.

Hadoop is an open source, scalable Big Data platform that enables you to analyze both structured and unstructured data by converting your current big data sources into structured information that can be used to produce highly pertinent analytics for your big data needs.

Hadoop solutions, when implemented properly, can be more affordable and flexible than alternatives, and can effectively guarantee your company’s future analytics success by providing rapidly deployed, highly relevant data at your very fingertips.

Big Data Strategy, Assessment and Modernization

Our proven Hadoop information retrieval networks utilize highly efficient analytical processing that provide unique business intelligence for your organization by fundamentally connecting all the digital relationships by visualizing your data infrastructure for strategic targeting.

Our Big Data consulting services provide an assessment of your current platform performance, your cluster capacity and your big data architecture to deliver a results driven roadmap for isolating strategic decision making opportunities both now and in the future.

We also specialize in legacy modernization and migration using high capacity open source technology, automation tools and distributed big data applications to suit your specific storage and analytics needs.

Big Data Architects, Consultants and Developers

Our Big Data consultants focus on providing you with scalable big data architectures with proven methodologies that accelerate your workflow by helping you capture core information within your Big Data that allows you to make faster, more qualified decisions through through the multiprocessing facilities with the Hadoop NoSQL architecture.

MetaScale provides specialist Big Data Tools for your data analysis and data services. We enable targeted big data visualizations through our expertise in working with a wide range of distributions and vendors. This ensures your applications and production platforms meet robust industry standards with best practices that align with the latest big data technology trends. See our use cases for more detail.

Big Data Security and Efficient Analysis

We provide secure big data frameworks for the full computation lifecycle of connecting, storing, processing and analyzing your relevant data with leading core technologies such as HDFS, YARN, HBase, Pig and Hive.

Making the right decisions through qualified information creates real opportunities and dividends that effectively cut costs by providing faster, more efficient analysis of large databases.

Our comprehensive Big Data security strategy including secure authentication, identity analysis and user status monitoring sets the stage for a robust, production platform for your enterprise.

Our Big Data services augments all the critical phases of data protection for your data deployment by utilizing pattern identification that eliminates malicious intent or fraudulent activities through precise aggregation of user metrics.

Sentiment Analysis and Behavioral Connectivity

Relational databases limit the ability to connect unstructured social media data with structured enterprise data. MetaScale’s analytics solutions leverage open source Hadoop and NoSQL architectures to analyze consumer activity such as sentient analysis and behavioral connectivity over a wide array of devices within budget and schedule requirements.

Advanced Big Data Analytics

MetaScale provides industry leading analytic solutions for improving scientific research of associated patterns in large, disparate datasets. Our scientifically based predictive modelling techniques offer advanced analytical opportunities for enhancing productivity, cutting costs through proactive network monitoring, and identifying the top consumer trends in your marketplace.

Big Data Solutions in a nutshell

Strategy and Assessment

  • Architecture Review
  • Big Data Assessment and Strategy Development
  • Big Data Assessment

Consulting and Development


  • Application Development
  • Data Services

Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

Advanced Analytics

  • Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling
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Cost Effective, Competitive Advantages

If you’re exploring open source big data software options or you’re an advanced Hadoop IT shop, we have cost effective solutions to meet your big data management and analytical needs. We aim to provide superior big data solutions through augmenting results driven, practical insights.

MetaScale offers strategic options for organizations to engage with our team and quickly leverage expert resources to rapidly accelerate the analytical value of your data.

  • Big Data Accelerated POC – MetaScale provides a dedicated Hadoop POC environment with specialist technological support to help you investigate big data use cases
  • Big Data Assessment and Strategy Development – MetaScale provides independent evaluation of your current environment. We aim to strategically identify data gaps and ultimately develop an actionable roadmap for achieving the type of ROI that your company needs with Big Data.
  • Big Data Services – MetaScale provides a scalable data solutions team to meet your Hadoop and NoSQL Big Data requirements with long-term support and deployment needs.
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Partnership for Big Data Success

Our open source big data technologies and solutions employ the industry leading Hadoop technology coupled with NoSQL and analytics tools such as R programming language that enable businesses to become more agile and create value from their data by being able to process, store and analyze rapidly growing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

No matter where you are at in your Big Data Journey, MetaScale can partner with you to help you manage the complexities of your Hadoop and NoSQL environments, and develop new insights that enhance your business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

  • Need help understanding if Hadoop is a good fit for your organization?
  • Need to ease the headache of managing your Hadoop ecosystem?
  • Need a more cost effective option for your advanced analytics initiatives?

We’ve been down this road. We can help.

MetaScale Big Data Services and Support

MetaScale offers Big Data Infrastructures that help you to rapidly deploy, operate and that support your Hadoop and NoSQL platforms.

  • Ready-to-Go, Fully Managed Big Data Appliances
  • Big Data Accelerated POC Packages
  • Big Data Infrastructure Consulting Services
Big Data Platform

MetaScale offers Big Data Managed Services to monitor, manage and optimize your Hadoop and NoSQL environments with enterprise-class SLAs.

  • Hadoop Administration and Support
  • Big Data Application Support
  • NoSQL Administration and Support
Big Data Services

MetaScale offers Big Data Solutions to develop and implement your big data strategy for quickly leveraging Hadoop and NoSQL tools.

  • Vendor-Neutral Strategy and Assessment
  • Consulting & Development, Security and Engineering
  • Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
Big Data Solutions

MetaScale offers Big Data Training to provide enterprise-focused, hands-on learning of the Hadoop ecosystem and NoSQL technologies.

  • Big Data Hadoop Workshops
  • Customized Team Based Training
  • Educational Lectures on Big Data and Analytics
Big Data Training

MetaScale offers Legacy Modernization solutions for leveraging open source big data tools to modernize your legacy and mainframe systems.

  • Legacy Modernization Assessment and Strategy Development
  • MIPS Reduction and Legacy Application Migration
  • ETL Modernization, Data Offload and Active Archival
Legacy Modernization

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