Big Data Platform

Hadoop and NoSQL Infrastructure

MetaScale offers Big Data Infrastructure Services to help you quickly build, operate and support your big data platform. Our teams currently manage several petabytes of enterprise production workloads and have extensive experience in designing, building, deploying and supporting Hadoop and NoSQL platforms and ecosystem tools.

MetaScale can develop and support a robust, open source Hadoop or NoSQL ecosystem that can be scaled to meet your big data needs. We can configure and integrate your Hadoop or NoSQL environment with your structured and unstructured data sources to ensure that you gain value from all of your enterprise data.

Big Data as a Service

MetaScale offers Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) to build, operate and support a custom-designed computing platform and solution stack for running Hadoop and NoSQL technologies within your data center or ours. We provide big data appliances and associated managed services for a Hadoop cluster or NoSQL database that allows customers to build custom analytics applications. These big data analytics platforms enable organizations to understand and leverage insights gained from large structured and unstructured data sets in order to gain a competitive advantage. MetaScale provides BDaaS as a monthly billable expense using cloud-based OPEX pricing models that cost effectively scale with your growing data needs.

MetaScale Big Data Platform Offerings

Big Data Appliances

  • Fully Managed Hadoop and NoSQL Platforms
  • Production, Development , QA/UAT and Backup Environments

Big Data Accelerated POC Packages

  • Multiple Hadoop Distribution Environments
  • Hadoop and NoSQL Proof Cases

Infrastructure Consulting Services

  • Infrastructure Assessment and Strategy Development
  • Install and Configure Hadoop and NoSQL Tools

Big Data Appliances

MetaScale Big Data Appliances provide the software, hardware, security and support that enable faster decisions with less cost. It used to be that quicker decision times on large data sets only came with a tremendously high price tag. Things have changed, however, and we’re pleased to be able to deliver a solution that meets companies’ analytical and financial requirements

Unlike other appliances, we do not force our clients to choose from one implementation or distribution; we consult with them to find the solution that best meets their needs. Our appliances allow you the flexibility to use the platform or distribution of your choice, including Hortonworks and Cloudera - or change distributions if required.

Download the Data Sheet – Big Data Appliances for Rapid Hadoop Deployment

Big Data Accelerated POC Packages

MetaScale Big Data Accelerated POC Packages combine the right mix of platform and professionals for you to rapidly launch and quickly realize the benefits of your big data initiatives. Our expert teams provide the project management, skills and experience to configure each environment and deliver an initial proof case. We deliver a proven, structured approach, as well as all the tools required to quickly evaluate a Hadoop or NoSQL ecosystem and successfully complete your proof case to facilitate stakeholder buy-in. We create sustainable, scalable frameworks that can be managed or easily transitioned to a production big data environment.

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Infrastructure Consulting Services

Developing a successful big data strategy requires a solid configuration design to accommodate current and future capacity requirements. MetaScale offers Infrastructure Assessment and Strategy Development services to provide accurate space forecasting, capacity planning and configuration design to achieve analytics objectives.

Example of High Range Hadoop Configuration (above)

We evaluate Hadoop and NoSQL environments based on various aspects including Hardware Selection, Network Design (Racks, Blades and Virtualization), Cluster Tuning and Performance Parameters, Disk Configuration and Cluster Sizing, and provide recommendations based on industry best practices. In addition, our teams can provide expert guidance to install and configure Hadoop and NoSQL environments for optimal performance.


Customer Examples

Retail – In order to help a Specialty Retail organization meet business intelligence and enterprise data warehouse requirements, MetaScale designed, built and deployed Hadoop and NoSQL (Cassandra) environments and provides full management, administration and support for the platforms.

Finance – In order to help a Trading company meet analytics requirements, MetaScale designed, built and managed a Hadoop environment optimized for high volume transactions.

Logistics – In order to help a Logistics company meet enterprise analytics requirements, MetaScale installed and configured a Hadoop platform optimized for structured and unstructured data.

Healthcare – MetaScale has helped Healthcare and Pharma companies develop high end processing use cases by providing dedicated Hadoop POC environments with solution support teams.


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