Metascale speaks at the Big Data Innovation Summit

July 25, 2014

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Phoenix, AZ

This fast-paced, one-day instructor led workshop takes you on a deep-dive into scripting, programming, and coding in Hadoop. MetaScale provides a vendor-agnostic view when training on Pig, Hive, HBase...

July 29, 2014

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Washington, DC

This full day instructor led workshop gives both seasoned technical professionals and beginners an opportunity to understand Big Data and Hadoop. MetaScale offers a vendor-agonic view of the Hadoop Ec...

July 30, 2014

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Washington, DC

This two-day course takes you on a journey into using NoSQL (also known as "Not Only SQL"). Participants will achieve an in-depth understanding of the innate abilities of MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase,...

Use Cases
Mainframe Migration with Hadoop

MetaScale provides legacy modernization services for offloading mainframe batch processing to an open source big data ecosystem. This methodology enables organizations to realize significant cost savings, improve business agility and leverage big data analytics.

Our patent-pending capability of offloading mainframe batch processing to Apache Hadoop, tightly integrated with other migration techniques, can reduce the total cost of ownership up to 80% for organizations operating on mainframes.

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