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Big Data Solutions

MetaScale provides you with comprehensive range of Big Data Solutions and services for the Hadoop platform. Consult us first.

Big Data Training

MetaScale provides big data training solutions covering enterprise focused, vendor neutral courses for Hadoop and NoSQL.

Get new insights from your big data enterprise hub with Hadoop

Need a Single Version of Truth?

MetaScale helps customers establish Hadoop as a Modern Enterprise Data Hub to give business users the ability to perform advanced analytics and ask questions previously too costly to answer. Modern Enterprise Data Hub

Reduce Big Data Platform costs by leveraging Hadoop Architecture

Offloading Mainframe Data?

MetaScale offers big data solutions for migrating batch processes from mainframe to Hadoop and back to eliminate MIPS and improve overall cycle times without disruption to business users. Legacy Modernization Solutions

Big Data Training

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MetaScale offers Big Data Courses that provide Hadoop exercises based on real enterprise production experience and best practices. Our instructor-led courses include Hadoop 101 – Begin Your Big Data Journey; Hadoop Fundamentals for Developers; Principles of Data Mining in Hadoop; and Exploring NoSQL in Hadoop – Intro to MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase.

December 15 - 16, 2015

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Chicago, Il

Fast Track your Big Data & Hadoop Journey NOW Workshop Overview An overview of what is ‘Big Data” and “Hadoop”. Step -by -step training in skills needed to work in a Hadoop environment....

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Begin Your Big Data Journey

Download the whitepaper Making a Case for Hadoop in your Organization and get the checklist for getting started.

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Modern Enterprise Data Hub

Establish your Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) with Hadoop to ensure your data is available, accurate, complete and secure.

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Do you have all the answers you need to know if Hadoop is the right solution for your data size, sources and analytics needs?

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